Special Diet Manager - Full Time - Scarborough, ON

Position: Full time Special Diet Manager

The function of this position is to independently provide and administrate individual diet portions for children ith food allergies, sensitivity, religious or cultural food practices and therapeutic diets. Responsibilities include the following:

Production: 80%

* prepare ingredients according to special diet recipe *assemble, portion and distribute to cold baskets

Administration: 20%

* with a knowledge of ingredient statements, maintain current ingredient lists and establish specifications for production
* knowledge of childhood food sensitivity and allergy types, and application of vegetarian principles is required to receive, develop
  and implement menus for special diets consulting with the Dietitian as required.

* develop recipes and menus for seasonal events and menus changes as they pertain to special diets

Postion Available:    September 25th, 2017

Weekly schedule:    Monday to Friday

Please email response to:

Patricia Tomas patricia@choicechildrenscatering.com