President's Message - Fall 2016

Date: Fall 2016
Message From:

Natasha Mooney
, NM

It is both an honor and a pleasure to serve as your 52nd President of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. I have been a member of the board for seven years and promoting the profession of Nutrition Management and our Society has been a passion of mine since day one. I am proud to stand among over three thousand plus members who share this passion with me and make a difference every day they work as a Nutrition Manager.

The CSNM Board works tirelessly to serve the membership and is guided by a strategic plan which is developed to best service the membership and the growing demands faced by all Nutrition Managers across our country. This year we will develop a new strategic plan which will guide us further to advance CSNM through education, advocacy and accessibility for all.

Our students are the future and this year we are proud to acknowledge and support them even more. This year sees the first Student Competition to engage our students in the field of nutrition management and CSNM. This will bring an influx of student members to our society – please be sure to reach out to them at events and share your experiences. The students are our future and have so much to learn as well new knowledge to share with you too!

One of my goals for this year is to advance our education program. We know that this is a valued member benefit and with a challenged economy, accessibility to hands on learning and conferences is not something all of our members have access to. Through our magazine, webinars, webcasts from our live events and even promoting other events you might have interest in from affiliated organizations, we aim to provide you with many opportunities to received quality education to meet your continuing education requirements as well as certification requirements.

Another goal of mine is to further advocacy for both our profession and our society. We want job security, fair wages that reflect the importance of the service we provide and support from our employers to continue to be active members of the CSNM and further our professional development through education and networking. From province to province legislation varies, seeing members recognized in some regions while not in others. CSNM is committed to exploring ways to provide support in this area. This will be one of our areas of focus during strategic planning as it will take time and a thought out structured plan over a period of time to properly tackle such a complex challenge.

The CSNM board and their sub-committees are a group of volunteers who dedicate their time to work on behalf of the membership. We also see volunteer work done by many during the nominations process nearing conference. It’s enlightening to see and hear of so many members giving back to others by mentoring, providing support and promoting the profession. Over the last couple of years we’ve been asking the Question: What does CSNM do for me? My challenge to you now: What do you do for CSNM? How do YOU promote the profession? How do you provide support for others in the industry? Have you mentored a student? Can you provide an education opportunity to your peers in person or via the magazine? Who better to promote and advocate for our Society than our own members. By supporting each other we all get better and stronger and banded together we have a louder voice and a farther reach.

Nutrition Management is the key to nourishing our bodies to be strong and healthy. We aid in helping people with recovery, managing dietary needs for various illness and disease, and also nurturing our bodies to prevent these very things from happening. What we do is so important, and when I stand among the thousands of nutrition manager across this country who give so much every day, I stand tall and proud.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president and look forward to a successful year

Natasha Mooney, NM
President, CSNM

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