Formula and Milk Handling Technician - Vancouver, BC

Formula and Milk Handling Technician

Facilities:  HEU

Department/Program: Nutrition Services
Classification: Comparably linked to Food Service Supervisor I and Pharmacy Technician I (A)
Location: BCW
Class Code: (1) 20301
                  (2) 15404
Reports to: Coordinator, Formula Room and Milk Handling Room
Grid: 29

Job Summary

In accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values, and strategic directions of Provincial Health Services Authority patient safety is a priority and a responsibility shared by everyone at PHSA, and as such, the requirement to continuously improve quality and safety is inherent in all aspects of this position. Under the supervision of the Coordinator, Formula Room and Milk Handling Room, the technician handles, labels, stores, prepares, and distributes human milk to inpatients in the BC Women’s Hospital NICU using safe food handling techniques and established safe milk management procedures. The technician also prepares human milk, and infant, enteral and metabolic formula to match the Nutrition Orders as required. All feeds are prepared according to the Guidelines for the Preparation of Human Milk and Formula in Health Care Facilities.


1. Maintains strict adherence to aseptic procedures, Food Safe guidelines, and safety practices and procedures related to           
    the handling of human milk, and the handling and preparation of infant, enteral and metabolic formula, including following the
    Guidelines for the Preparation of Human Milk and Formula in Health Care Facilities.

2. Prepares all infant and enteral formula and human milk feeds, with or without added nutrition products by preparing and
    portioning into aliquots for feeding by nurses at the patient bedside as per the Nutrition Order and in accordance with
    established guidelines, policies, procedures and standards.

3. Collects human milk from NICU for labelling, storage and preparation with added nutrition products. Delivers human milk and
    formula to clinical areas as appropriate according to established safety standards; rotates and/or removes expired products.

4. Receives and reviews new and existing Nutrition Orders. Uses the appropriate software technology to calculate or manually
    calculates amount of nutrition products to be added to human milk, or amount of product to prepare infant, enteral or
    metabolic formula required to achieve Nutrition Order. Verifies accuracy utilizing mathematical calculations as required.

5. Cleans and sanitizes work area daily according to established procedures to ensure that aseptic conditions are maintained,
    including the preparation space and equipment required for the labelling, handling, preparation and storage of human milk.
    Performs additional cleaning tasks as per schedule and following standardized procedures and protocols to maintain an aseptic

6. Operates equipment including hot water dispenser, blender, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer required for storage and
    preparation of human milk, infant, enteral or metabolic formula according to established procedures and protocols to maintain
    an aseptic environment.

7. Monitors equipment function and maintains data for audits, including but not limited to temperature logs of area dishwasher,
    refrigerator and freezers according to established standards. Escalates to supervisor for direction when values are out of
    acceptable range and takes corrective action as directed. Reports equipment malfunctions to maintenance and the supervisor

8. Communicates with clinical staff regarding formula and human milk inventory management, such as alerting nursing staff of
    EBM shortages and requesting alternative Nutrition Orders if human milk is not available.

9. Prepares human milk in inventory for patient discharge or transfer.

10. Clarifies Nutrition Orders as required, e.g., when orders are outside of expected parameters according to nutrition standards
      and protocols. Communicates with prescriber regarding the order and requests adjustment of the prescriber’s order as

11. Answers general enquiries about human milk inventory management, and availability/delivery or patient specific orders for
      human milk and nutrition products. Escalates clinical enquiries to the unit dietitian or coordinator as required. Maintains
      telephone log by recording telephone calls and enquiries in detail.

12. Maintains database of patient Nutrition Orders using milk management technology and software applications by methods
      such as operating handheld milk barcoding devices to scan milk into or out of inventory, entering final volumes into milk
      management software, and printing milk barcoding labels after milk preparation.

13. Contacts BC Women's Hospital Provincial Milk Bank Technicians to manage pasteurized donor human milk inventory and

14. Maintains files on distribution of pasteurized donor human milk as per hospital policy. Provides information to the BC
      Women's Hospital Provincial Milk Bank for statistical purposes as requested by the supervisor.

15. Utilizes manual downtime procedures when milk management system software is not functioning; completes manual data re-
      entry after system downtime has resolved.

16. Organizes stock and maintains inventory areas according to established standards. Establishes, reviews and revises minimum
      expected levels of stock (par levels); rotates stock and monitors shelf-life of inventory. Reports product and delivery

      Determines weekly formula and supply requirements; places orders and receives supplies. Identifies potential supply
      shortfalls and communicates these to the coordinator.

17. Participates in audits, relevant meetings and committees as required.

18. Records statistical data and completes monthly report of activities as required.

19. Participates in the revision of policy and procedures; recommends updates to work processes and job routines as required.
      Provides orientation to new staff and students on Formula Room and Milk Handling Room daily tasks and functions.

20. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education, Training and Experience

Grade 12, completion of a recognized two (2) year Food Service Supervisor Program plus one year’s recent related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Skills and Abilities
• Ability to deal with others effectively
• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
• Ability to organize work
• Ability to operate related equipment.
• Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.

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