Food Services Supervisor - Edson, AB

Job Posting: Food Services Supervisor

Alberta Health Services: Edson Healthcare Centre

Posting #444189 (1 year Maternity Relief)


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Contact JoAnne Thomson:  joanne.thomson@ahs.ca

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JoAnne Thomson

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Temporary Full Time




Edson Healthcare Centre


Edson, Alberta Canada

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M12 Minimum: 24.31 per hour Maximum: 41.77 per hour

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2 (In Weeks)

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Bachelor's Level Degree or Equivalent


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Job Summary:

This is a Patient and Retail Food Services Supervisory position at the Edson Healthcare Centre.  It is a dynamic Nutrition Services operation in a brand new building that provides meals to 76  Long Term Care residents, 24 Acute Care patients and meals for staff, visitors and families.

Enhancing customer service and patient/resident dining experiences are our priorities.  This position is tasked with monitoring the daily site operations, providing clear direction and guidance to front line staff in the production and service of menu items while adhering to the health and safety standards.  The supervisory team works together to set long term goals, recognizing potential areas for process improvement with customer satisfaction at the forefront and acts as the key contact to site administration and patient care for matters relating to Patient Food Services.

Are you a role model for your employees?  Do you lead by example?  Are you motivated to help others succeed?  The role of the Food Services Supervisor is to create an environment of learning for our frontline staff,  encouraging teams to work towards accomplishing the strategies for cost saving measures, improving service delivery, enhancing meal quality and continuously monitoring and adhering to departmental standards within a caring environment.

Job Qualifications:

- Post secondary degree, diploma or certificate in Nutrition and Food Service management.
- Combination of relevant education and experience will be considered.
- Proficiency with computer applications used at the site level including MS Office, e-People, Meditech and Oracle proficiencies preferred.

- Minimum 2 years direct supervisory experience in a Healthcare Food Service management role of significant size and complexity is required.
- Demonstrated ability to lead a large team to achieve shared goals while supporting individuals through coaching and learning opportunities.
- Must be an effective communicator, encouraging active listening, providing instruction and feedback clearly.
- Demonstrated ability to schedule work, assign resources effectively and think critically in a multi-tasking operating environment.
- Must be able to prioritize and to implement new approaches and process improvements using change management techniques.
- Demonstrated ability to manage an operating budget.
- Must be highly organized.
- Experience in unionized environment preferred.