President's Message

Date: Winter 2019
Message From: Chris Weber

A big “congratulations” to the Alberta Society of Nutrition Management (ASNM) on the incredible 50-year milestone celebrated in Banff this past fall. The history runs deep in Alberta, and the wonderful stories and memories were as beautiful as the picturesque landscape. There were few dry eyes in the room during the tributes over dinner — truly a wonderful achievement.

Exciting news! Board nominations are just a few weeks away. There are several positions that are up for election. This is a great opportunity for career building, leadership growth, professional development and rewarding engagement. Take a moment to review the nomination package in the upcoming mailout and emails. Nominate a colleague or gather a few nominations for yourself. The more nominations we receive, the better it is for the board and overall membership.

Strategic planning is just around the corner. The board has been hard at work over the past two and a half years achieving and accomplishing the visions set out in Montreal in 2016. Strategic planning is fundamental to our society, as it guides all activities and efforts towards common goals and outcomes. Before the board begins work, they need to hear from you. There will be several member surveys covering a variety of topics in the coming months — these are very important and will shape how the next three strategic years will look. The CSNM endeavors to provide maximum value for all members and partners, and feedback is the first pillar in this process.

January 2019 is the official Canadian launch of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI). This is the date that industry partners in Canada agreed to be prepared for dual labeling and IDDSI-compliant products such as texture modification. It does not mean that anything mandatory or regulatory has been enacted, so you can breathe easy. Many long-term care homes and hospitals are moving along with IDDSI in 2019, while many others are waiting to see how things roll out. Many facilities are beginning with IDDSI fluids this year. There are several national working groups currently working out details around communication, training and supportive materials, including the formation of the new Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group (CIERG). CSNM has representation in the group and formally supports CIERG. Visit IDDSI for more information.

On the matter of education, you spoke, and we listened. This remains a key priority to provide value to all members. Tremendous growth and effort has gone into the continuing education portfolio over the past few years, and this will continue. Look to see more informative and exciting webinars coming your way, and remember they are now archived to be viewed when convenient. Recently, five IDDSI webinars were scheduled. We had overwhelming participation, with great results and feedback.

The 2019 Conference & AGM — Harnessing Your ENERGY! is close on the horizon. The conference committee is working feverishly to provide a unique and invigorating forum with training and education as key priorities. Space is limited for vendors, sponsors and delegates; turnout is expected to be quite notable, so don’t delay, register today. Visit regularly for updates. It’s cold outside, so toss another log on the fire, get the hot chocolate out, and curl up to another issue of our wonderfully informative Food Service & Nutrition magazine.

Yours truly,

Chris Weber 
President, CSNM

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